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What is nopCommerce Days

The second annual meeting of the nopCommerce community called nopCommerce Days’16 will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 20th and 21st of October. The mission of the meeting is strengthening the nopCommerce community and connecting developers, store-owners, agencies, users and partners into ecosystem.

nopCommerce is the leading ASP.NET e-commerce solution developed in 2008. Highly flexible model, rich features, and logical structure made it popular: in 2016 it powers more than 25.000 live sites all over the world, making it first in ASP.NET segment and competitive with leading PHP-based solutions.

About nopCommerce Days 2016

NopDevDays 2015

The first meeting of the community took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 31st of October, 2015. It was called NopDevDays. It was mostly oriented to developers and had more than 65 delegates from 14 countries. Since that meeting, Amsterdam was chosen as the nopCommerce European capital.

About nopCommerce Days 2016

NopCommerce Days’16 will be much bigger and cover more topics. The conference will be divided into three tracks. The first track will be devoted to the development of nopCommerce, and will feature most experienced developers in the nopCommerce community. The store-owner track will unite experts in e-commerce and marketing, experienced with nopCommerce. Simultaneously with two main tracks, the workshops will take place. These practical sessions will focus on preparation for nopCommerce developers certification.

Ticket price

Ticket price

The tickets will be sold according to following plans

  • Early bird tickets at € 149,- till September 1st
  • Pre-registration tickets at € 199,- till October 1st
  • Normal price tickets at € 299,- after October 1st



When does the Early Bird Offer end?

Ticket page offers all information on types and dates of registration.

When will I receive my ticket?

The ticket will drop to your e-mail within 24 hours after purchase.

What is workshop?

Workshop is a practical lesson, devoted to exchanging practical knowledge of nopCommerce. The main focus of workshop sessions is the preparation for nopCommerce developer certification.

How can I submit to speak at nopCommerce days?

Check out our "Call for speakers page" for details.

Will sessions be recorded?

Yes, we will upload the videos to our official youtube channel

What’s the Schedule For nopCommerce Days?

Follow this link.

When will the conference agenda be released?

The topics of speeches will be published on site due April, but the final version of agenda will be published in June.

I am a non-EU resident. Do I need a Visa to travel to Amsterdam?

Yes, we can do an invitation for you once the ticket is paid (if required). See full info here.

I've got question not listed in this FAQ, who can answer it?

You can submit them via this form.

Who organize this event?

nopCommerce Days 2016 is jointly organized by Nop Solutions LTD and Yakkz VOF. Tickets are sold and invoiced by Yakkz VOF in the Netherlands. If you are a resident of Netherlands or another EU country, without a valid VAT number, Dutch VAT will be applicable on the ticket price.

About nopCommerce Days 2016

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