Andrei Mazulnitsyn

nopCommerce team, CEO

Country: Russia

Actually, the name of Andrei Mazulnitsyn and nopCommerce were almost synonyms, until the expansion of the nopCommerce team: Andrei is the founder and lead developer of nopCommerce. He is developing nopCommerce since 2008 and directing the Nop Solutions since 2009. Andrei is the main engine of nopCommerce and is responsible for its clear and flexible framework and structure. This quality lead to the widespread popularity of nopCommerce: the solution designed in Yaroslavl, Russia became popular all over the world. Today it was downloaded more than 1.5 million times and powers more than 25.000 live shops.

The aim of nopCommerce is delivering 100% free but hi-quality and scalable solution from the first click. Being CEO and directing nopCommerce worldwide does not stop Andrei from being the lead developer of nopCommerce: all crucial decisions on product's future come from Andrei. That keeps him super-busy.

Besides developing the product Andrei is a loving father and enjoys traveling with his family.