Moris Kastro


Country: Turkey

Moris Kastro graduated with high-honors degree in 2008 from the Boğaziçi University Physics Department. After graduating from university, he led the entrepreneur selection process in Endeavor that is a non-profit organization supports high impact entrepreneurs.

In 2010, he started to work in Google in Dublin. First two years he worked studied with search quality team to improve the results of Google search and following two years time he protected advertisers from invalid clicking. During his experiences in Google, he made many presentations and share the case studies with users all over the world.

Since 2014 he is one of the partners of Inveon and leading all the business development processes and relationship management with stakeholders. Inveon is a digital commerce company founded in 2006. Inveon has been positioned as an E-commerce infrastructure provider, and gathered the experience of online business development, user experience development, digital/performance marketing, planning and execution in a business framework named “Digital Marketing Management Services”. Along with being an e-commerce software provider, Inveon has become a business development and information technologies consultancy firm.