Raisul Kabir

Brain Station-23, CEO and founder

Country: Bangladesh

I graduated in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from BUET in 2006. During my university time, I was doing part time work in web application development in ASP 3, PHP, ASP.net etc. After graduation started our company Brain Station-23 in 2006. Now Brain Station-23 has become one of the prominent software company in Bangladesh receiving multiple awards in outsourcing and became champion in different hackathons.

We have been working on nopCommerce since 2010. With dedicated nopCommerce team including multiple nopMVPs and nopCommerce certified developers, we developed one of the most popular free theme NopRoot & e-shopper on Bootstrap and other free themes and plugins. Also, we launched first nopCommerce based public native app, in our site www.nop-station.com which offers iPhone, Android and windows phone based full native app. We provide entire solution for nopCommerce from theme & plugin building, customization, consultancy, server management and overall maintenance