Stefan Hristov

Nop-Templates, Co-Founder

Country: Bulgaria

Stefan is one of the founders of and the lead of the web team producing the amazing themes. The company has been working with nopCommerce since version 1.65 and has seen through the release of more than 25 nopCommerce themes and an equal number of plugins, bundled in complete e-commerce solutions. Through their products has made nopCommerce a valuable tool for more than 12 000 store owners and web agencies. Among the most renowned customers of the company are The North Face, Volvo, The University of California.

When leading the development of a new theme at Stefan’s main purpose is to innovate and create a theme that is more modern, more versatile and more powerful than anything before it. He also communicates with the customers of the company on a daily basis, manages support tickets and pays due attention to every feedback. He is open to new ideas and suggestions from the other team members and gives his heart to make the best place for nopCommerce themes.

When he is not managing the theme development, Stefan can be found organizing the next team building, arranging the weekly soccer game between and other companies, snowboarding or watching the TaeKwon-Do world championship on TV.