Why visit nopCommerce Days

For store owners

Meet the right people to talk to

There are some questions about nopCommerce you might have but not certain to whom you can address them or it seems that waiting for an answer can take too long. Most of the store owners problems are common and have been resolved by other people long ago.

nopCommerce Days is the perfect opportunity to meet the community and get the ready-made answers. The whole community is there to respond to your questions, moreover, the core of the nopCommerce team will be there to hear your voice. You will meet more than 200 ecommerce experts and other store owners and find insights about your online business. Do not avoid developers track: you might find experts capable of technical solutions of your problems and potential partners.

Attend workshop for store owners

Besides tracks for developers and store owners there’ll be the practical workshop where all ins and outs of nopCommerce workflow will be covered in details. Just approach Lavish Kumar with your practical question, and you will work it out. Lavish has experience as a programmer and as a nopCommerce user and will evaluate your nopCommerce store in order to generate more traffic and increase the conversion rate and so on.

Suggest updates

Remember that you are the center of nopCommerce’s world. Every feature and every line of the code are written for the convenience of entrepreneurs. Have a feature to suggest or feedback to share? Get it to the makers of the platform.

Educate yourself

The new nopCommerce version 3.80 is due soon and it will be a whole new experience for store owners. We, the nopCommerce team, will present the new version of redesigned admin area simplifying the workflow and improving the user experience. Be the first to test and master the new admin area with first-hand guidance by the nopCommerce team and grab your employees.

Save the money

Why attending dozens of conferences to get ideas how to deal with IT and marketing issues while you can get all of it in nopCommerce Days. You can get the SEO and marketing knowledge and see how to implement them on nopCommerce, turning theory into practice. Moreover, early signers always get bonuses, be sure to claim yours - anyone who will sign before 1st of September will get a discount.

For developers

Know all ins and outs of nopCommerce, become all-around expert

Good at the back-end programming, but lack the knowledge of front-end or plugin development? On nopCommerce Days, you will meet all kinds of experts: back-end developers, front-end aces, plugin masters, and integrators. They are ready to share their knowledge about the platform. Use their hard-earned knowledge to widen the portfolio of your company and eliminate your problem zones.

By the way, grab your interns and junior programmers, two days on the conference will save your precious time and your company’s money spent on their schooling. They will be in right hands.

Learn the plans of the platform makers

Why spending time and money doing integration if it will be available out of the box? nopCommerce team will share their plans on expanding the platform, future connections, technology partnership program, upgrading to asp.net core 1.0, and the mighty web-API (will be covered in the separate workshop). You are always welcome for suggesting updates, the nopCommerce team is here to listen.

Know what your clients want and get leads

Take a peek at store-owners session. It is full of your potential clients. Listen to their questions and understand your client's mindset. Approach to them during networking and get potential clients.

Theory and practice combined

Speeches are worthy but practice is priceless: you will have a chance to approach the speakers with practical question and get your answers in the form of code. Also, consider visiting workshops: the front end will be taught by leading graphical themes vendor, the backend and new administration panel - by nopCommerce team members and partners.

Save the money and get the exact practical knowledge

Before nopCommerce Days you’ve had to learn the new technologies by yourself and then see how they are implemented in nopCommerce. nopCommerce Days will give you knowledge and practice related to the platform.